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Tiny useful tool to help you maintain Windows registration databases updated
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Registry Search + Replace is a tiny useful tool that will help you maintain your Windows 95, 98, 2000, and NT registration databases updated. It helps you locate all possible occurrences of a specific string quickly and safely, and replace them (or not) with the text of your choice. It includes various safety measures to prevent changes made inadvertently from happening.

Instead of risking to “break anything” by modifying your entries using Windows Registry Editor, making changes you are not too sure of, this application can perform clean and accurate changes in all instances at once. The level of accuracy of your search will largely depend on how you build it – thus, you can demand the program to select only case sensitive matches, whole word matches, or a combination of both. For extra security, you can tell the program to prompt you every time a match occurs, instead of making bulk replacements. In order to narrow your search further, you can define the types of string the program should be looking for (REG-SZ, REG-EXPAND-SZ, and REG-MULTI-SZ), as well as the hives to be scanned (local machine, all users, current user, or Root classes). Searches can be saved as profiles for later use.

Searching for a specific string using whatever profile you created does not necessarily mean replacing its contents – being such a sensitive area of your computer, you can always perform a preliminary search before changing anything. Alternatively, as said above, you can tell the program to ask you how to proceed every time a match is made. The program will give you statistics about the number of entries searched, how many matched your criteria, and how many were processed.

Finally, and only for those who know what they are doing, Registry Search + Replace offers you the possibility of modifying your entries manually by clicking on the “Registry Editor” button.

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